Abhi Sharma

Director, London

Abhi Sharma

Director, London

“From very early on I was surprised by how much runway you get, particularly on execution.”

Abhi joined Arma Partners in 2015 and previously spent three years with Credit Suisse’s London-based M&A execution team. Prior to that, he spent over three years at NERA Economic Consulting, in the firm’s Securities & Finance practice in New York. Abhi holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Economics from Pomona College.

Joining Arma

At the beginning of my career, I joined a consultancy in New York which was similar in size to Arma. I later joined a much larger institution which, partly due to its size, was very different culturally. Over time, I realised that I preferred being part of a smaller organisation where I had the opportunity to build relationships with most of my colleagues. I also came to Arma because I wanted to join a firm that had clear leadership in covering technology. I am a member of the media team but Arma’s DNA is very tech-driven. Lastly, joining Arma – a growing, entrepreneurial firm – was appealing.

Media team

In my previous role, I spent a lot of time working with media and telecom clients; I particularly enjoyed working with data and analytics companies. Eric Lawson-Smith, who co-leads Arma’s media team, had a lot of experience in the sector, so we had common ground. Another important area our team covers is internet – working with disruptive digital companies is often very interesting. Overall, my joining the media team was driven partly by affinity and partly by the firm’s interest in scaling the team.

Key highlight 

Very early on at Arma, I was struck by how intensively I got to work with companies and their leadership teams. I think this is often a major factor for people joining Arma – they get exposure and experience here that they might struggle to get at larger institutions.

Why I choose to stay 

I enjoy the diversity of industries and companies I work with – in media, there is a wide variety of business models and approaches. At Arma, I get to work with colleagues who have deep knowledge of their respective domains, which creates opportunities to learn. Lastly, we very often advise ambitious, fast-growing companies on important transactions, and the capabilities and know-how we provide is differentiated and impactful.