Advised Evaneos, a leading internet marketplace for authentic, multi-day tours and travel experiences, on its $80 million growth investment by Partech, Level Equity and Quadrille
Sep 2018
growth investment by
$80 million
  • Sector: Media & Internet
  • Deal Type: Private Capital; Founder-led Businesses
  • Engagement type: Fundraise
  • Size: $80 million

Arma Partners is pleased to announce that it has acted as exclusive financial advisor to Evaneos SA in securing a $80 million growth financing for the company. The transaction‚ which represents one of the largest private fundraisings in France in recent years , will see Partech Partners, Level Equity Management and Quadrille Capital join Evaneos’s existing investor base of BpiFrance, Serena Capital and XAnge.

Evaneos is the world‚ leading internet marketplace for complex, tailor-made, long-haul vacations. Evaneos‚ platform connects global travellers with carefully-selected local agents to enable customised, authentic, in-destination travel experiences. To date, the company has served over 300,000 travellers. Evaneos plans to utilise its new funds to accelerate growth in key markets (notably France, Germany, Italy and Spain), extend its reach outside Europe and invest further in technology and content. Evaneos intends to become the go-to global brand for multi-day tours.

This transaction highlights Arma Partners’ deep expertise in e-Commerce and online travel, where previous transactions have included Momondo, CarTrawler and Etraveli. The transaction also underscores our proven capabilities executing substantial growth financings that require access to a global investor network.

-Paris-headquartered online travel marketplace for complex, multi-day tours

-Platform enables direct connectivity between travellers seeking authentic experiences with expert local agents / DMCs

-Sought to raise sizable funding round, with a mix of primary (to fund geographic expansion and technology development) and secondary (exit for certain early investors) components

-Leading European VC / growth equity fund, specialising in technology / consumer internet investments across Europe and US

-Specialist US venture capital firm with focus on software, internet and e-Commerce segments

-European investment firm specialising in secondary / FoF investments, with some direct investment experience

-Evaneos has built a unique marketplace, connecting global travellers with local, in-destination experts (DMCs)
-By bypassing traditional channel intermediaries, Evaneos delivers superior economics to DMCs while providing consumers access to complex, multi-day tours at a lower price point than traditional tour operators

-Company has a strong financial track record and attractive profile:

-Attractive unit economics – profitable on first purchase and >4x CLV/CAC
->5x revenue growth expected over the next five years”

-In identifying the right partners for Evaneos in its Series D funding, Arma approached c. 30 leading US and European investors, yielding four offers received

-Ultimately, the Evaneos team optimised transaction valuation, terms and cultural fit with its new investors

-The company will use primary funds to expand further into core and new markets, broaden its product offering and continue to drive technical innovation